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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Cletus says he has figured out where the money that disappears from the stockmarket goes. He says it is obvious if you put the available facts together. He pointed out that our email for the blog has a few messages from that nice Mr. Possumman Terry Oglesby and Miss Gone South Janis Gore and several hundred from Nigeria offering us money. Cletus thinks that the missing stockmarket money has gone to Nigeria and that the nice people there are trying to give it back. He says that he read a whole series of letters Mr. Possum wrote to the Nigerians and that the nice lady kept trying to give Mr. Possum large amounts of money.

Bubba told him he that he had finally lost what little sense he had ever had. Why on earth would anyone give away large amounts of money to total strangers? Cletus asked Bubba if he had ever watched "The Millionaire" TV show. Cletus says he is trying to raise the money to help the nice Nigerian lady get her money into the USA and that Bubba will be sorry that he doubted once Cletus is a millionaire.

Bubba said that he will be happy if Cletus will pay him the $50 he owes. I said that I would be happy if he would pay a little on his tab when he gets rich. Cletus said he thought he could find a better eating establishment when he was rich.

We all wish you a Merry Christmas.