Compleat Redneck

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Cletus has been off on vacation. He and Mary Ruth went off and he won't say where. Of course, it is awfully hard to tell when Cletus is on vacation since it looks a lot like any of his other days. One of our regulars who is retired from a real job and draws a pension and everything, says he doesn't expect Cletus to ever retire since retirement is so much work. Too many things to do and see for a man used to the relaxation of being in business for himself and in a seasonal business at that. Bubba says he is still waiting for the season to come around where Cletus works. I had to defend him because in all honesty, I have never run short of wood for the barbeque and Cletus does do my cutting.

Cletus said there was a wedding party at the hotel where they stayed and it reminded him of the wedding of one of our locals. It is a longish story and Cletus needs to write it down since he knows all the details and can provide the two part harmony and maybe some 8X10 glossies but it is a goodun and has strange people and stranger goings-on. The groom is one of our local kids, very smart in school, but not noted for good walking around sense. The bride is a complete loon, a come-here who we don't know real well, but it doesn't take long to see that someone's view of the world is not lined up with the seasons.

Since this is one of them teasers, I have to tell you that the Bride decided that she wanted a friend to perform the ceremony and the friend wrote off to Nashville and got an ordination certificate and they invited 100 people but the wedding chapel would only seated 40 and it rained. There are Cadillacs, lost wedding dresses and at least one fist fight. A typical wedding I say.