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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Well we traipsed off down to Blogosphere Beach looking for some well earned rest and half the citizens of Blogoville were there. Cletus said you could barely walk without stepping on some blogger who had decided to vacation. Here we tried to miss the high season and seem to have arrived right in the middle of it.

Cletus was reading the Blogoville "Herald" and saw that his man Arnold had been elected Governor of California. Cletus said he had always patterned himself after Arnold and it might just be a good time to get up a recall for our County Commissioner. Bubba who was well slathered with sunscreen looked at Cletus and said he did notice a little physical resemblance between Cletus and Arnold. They both had a lot of bulges and appeared to be human.

Elroy, who had only been able to stop by for the day due to the heavy load down at the Electric Coop (get the pun?) said he didn't thing you could recall someone in Alabama. See, that's what you get when you let someone go to school for a few years. They go and take Civics and spoil all the fun by pointing out things like no recall.

We have few more days left here at the beach. Sure hope the weather holds up. We don't want one of them hurricanes coming through while we are here. Cletus says he thinks it would be fun to catch a few waves, but Bubba helpfully pointed out that it would take the USS Alabama to make a surfboard for Cletus.