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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Elroy read that sophisticated people don't drink wine that comes in a box. He buys his wine in boxes. He wouldn't drink wine at all except his doctor told him a glass a day would be good for his heart. It took a couple of visits to the doctor to get the glass size bracketed. Elroy started off with a big old iced tea glass of wine. He says he slept real good, but the box of wine only lasted about a week.

Since he has bought a set of real wine glasses, the evening glass of wine makes him feel sort of sophisticated. He says that he would buy one of those smoking jackets you used to see in the movies if you could find one anywhere. Cletus remined him that he had just said that most serious winedrinkers don't buy their wine in boxes. Elroy says he goes out of town to buy his wine and he isn't worried about people there since they don't know who he is, but he is a little concerned about the wine in his refrigerator. Some of his wife's friends frown on drinking of any kind, and others would look down on him for drinking box wine.

He says he has solved both problems by decanting his wine from the boxes to new containers. (Don't ask me what decanting is, Elroy learned that from some magazine)

Elroy is now storing his wine in Karo Syrup bottles. Cletus asked him if he needed some corks to make the Karo bottle look more sophisticated.

He thinks he has several unused fishing floats lying around.