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Friday, January 16, 2004
Still no story from Cletus and now he is upset because Mr. Possum linked a picture of what Cletus is sure is a Chevrolet pickup and said it would make a good space vehicle to go the moon.

Everyone knows Ford is the choice of discerning space cadets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Cletus says we are being really derelict is postings. I pointed out that he was supposed to have written another episode of "Rednecks From Space" but hasn't. Elroy popped up and said that he thought it ought to be "Rednecks From Outer Space" since "space" could be anywhere. That set off a major argument as to the proper use of the word "space" which accomplished nothing since no one in the discussion had any actual knowledge of the subject.

After listening to all these people for years, I have decided that if you put 50 people in a room who know nothing about the subject being discussed, the sum total of additional knowledge on that subject at the end of the day will be zero, a big fat goose egg.

In the middle of the discussion, Bubba asked if anyone knew if Smoky Yunick was still living. Since everyone knew something about Smoky, the discussion turned to flat crankshafts, orange paint and NASCAR. A good time was had by all. We still don't know if Smoky is alive though.