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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Cletus says that if there were honest politicians, then there would be no need for him to consider running for office. He does think that the Chairman of the Marshall County Commission is close to honest since, if he remembers correctly, he was the only member to not get indicted during an investigation a few years back. Unfortunately, none of us can remember his name or if he is still in office. Working against him is the fact that he is a car dealer in Albertville so just how honest could he be?

Cletus really wants to hold public office, but the closest he has been is wishing. None of the rest of the gang has any such ambition.

Cletus says he would make all office holders address citizens as Mr., Mrs., Dr. , Ms and be addressed themselves as "hey you" or "Hey jerk", but Bubba thinks that is a bit harsh. He would go for a daily whuppin. Elroy says he thinks they should pay for the honor of serving which in Alabama would help with the State's budget. Personally, I would limit the legislature to one week a year and they would not be allowed to do anything except pass the budget. I would also have speeding, DUI and parking tickets issued to each on the theory that that we would just be catching up.