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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Cletus' Thursday Three:

1. You need to ask?

2. Just this morning. Of course free range pork don't pay no attention.

3. Everyday. Oh sorry. That is an F250. I do get to drive Bubba's tractor sometimes when he isn't looking.

Sometimes the talk at the old BBQ Emporium turns to serious subjects. Even Cletus gets serious from time to time. Today, the subject was the world situation and what the US needs to do or more to the point, what can we do to protect the citizens of this Nation from the terrorist threat that we face. Elroy says that from watching the news on TV and reading the local paper, he was beginning to believe that the crisis is over and now all we need to do is punish Rumsfeld and Bush for ordering soldiers to torture innocent prisoners in a jail somewhere in Iraq. Bubba said he thought it was because Bush had failed to properly train the guards that the media were after him. They agreed that the media may have jumped the gun on declaring the crisis to be over.

Me, I don't know. I hear that a lot of people think that the whole Iraq thing is going real bad, but then I read email and web stories from people in Iraq and it seems that things are going better than what I see on TV and read in the paper. I suppose that the email and web stories could be fake, but then I hear about that kid being beheaded by some Moslem Terrorist and the very next day, the media are back with the Iraqi prisoner stories. I don't know. Could CBS and CNN be wrong? Say it isn't so!

One thing we were able to agree on: Ted Kennedy is an idiot. Sorry, two things. He's fat, too.