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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
The BBQ Emporium is going out of business. This will be my last post. Cletus has started a new project and will be posting here about once a week. He says he is going to be the Redneck Studs Terkel and will be interviewing the ordinary people he sees everyday and writing about them about once a week. Cletus knows a lot of ordinary people so I guess this could go on for quite a while.

Over the last 18 months, we have made 266 posts and written over 200 single spaced pages. That is dern near a book. Cletus' Hero makes us look like pikers, but that is a pretty good output of drivel if I do say so, and I do. I think there were a couple of good stories in there and I hoped you enjoyed them.

Cletus says his interviews will be real not made up, so I don't know if we will ever learn what happend to the Rednecks From Space. Of course, Cletus insists the space fellers are real so he may have an interview with them before it is over.

It has been fun. Thanks to all who have bothered to read this and to those who have sent people over here.

By the way, Elroy is over in the corner trying to remember if he ever knew that Studs feller. I think we'll just let him stew on it for a while.


Billy Joe Bob