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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
I think I'll start back blogging, but it took 6 hours to get the last entry to post and even Cletus my tech support was no help. This may be too complicated.

Cletus is real concerned about the election. His man, John Edwards, is the VP nominee and Cletus is pretty happy about that, but he is a little concerned about Senator Kerry. Cletus is not one to question anyone's about their military service. After all, he spent his time as a truck driver in Alaska and never made it to Vietnam since Bubba extended so that Cletus would not have to go. Bubba doesn't talk about his Vietnam time, but since he was an Infantryman and then a helicopter door gunner, we assume it wasn't all peaches and cream. He does have some medals that he keeps hidden away and guess we'll learn what they are when he dies and they go through his stuff. We learned that their Dad was a bit of a hero during WWII but only after he was gone. Bubba is on one of those low carb diets and has lost a lot of weight so he might outlive the lot of us and so we'd never know if he was a real hero or not. Cletus says it doesn't matter because they all did their duty.

Elroy joined the National Guard and never went past some fort in South Carolina, but he did sweat out Desert Storm since he was still in the guard and his unit was activated. I think he made it all the way to Georgia that time. He is still in the Guard and got to do some gate guarding over at Redstone Arsenal a while back. We keep telling him that sooner or later his luck is bound to run out and he'll end up where they are shooting, but he says he likes the Guard and thinks he'll stick it out. He says that when he turns sixty, he'll have a pension from the Army just like a real soldier. Elroy gets real het up when someone other than a National Guard or Reserve feller says something like that. He insists that he is a real soldier since he is still in the Guard.

Elroy is down in Florida but not with the Guard. He is on one of those crews helping put the electricity back in after the hurricane. Elroy says he is tired of office work and and needs to get outside and work like a real man.

Since I don't have any idea what this post was supposed to be about, I guess I'll go now.