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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Cletus says he finds this amusing since around here it is the Dems who are the expert election thieves.

Bubba says he wonders what would happen if one of them furren observers showed up down at the Bucksnort precinct voting facility. Old Hyard might just shoot him and Hyard is a Demmycrat.

Cletus and Bubba have been watching the debates over at their Mama's house. Mizz Jones is a Yeller Dawg Demmycrat and gets all het up when the President comes on TV so the boys have to be there to keep her from attacking the set. Cletus says she is having a little problem with Senator Kerry, but really likes Senator Edwards. She says he is about the best looking boy she ever laid eyes on. She ain't real crazy about what they have to say, but will vote for them anyway.

Mizz Jones did admit that she kind of likes VP Cheney. He says he reminds her of that Preacher they had down at the First Baptist Church a few years back, the one they got after the fire and brimstone feller set the pulpit on fire as a teaching aid. The Baptists went for an older, calmer Preacher until he started meddling into people's affairs (called them a sin is what he did) and they had to get rid of him. Got themselves a seminary trained one now. Mizz Jones says she never had understood how seminary training helped anyone when it comes to Preaching. She is a Church of Christ member and they don't go in for that sort of thing.

Here is Cletus' answers to the Thursday Three:

Favorite songs: "Good Old Mountain Dew", "Wabash Cannonball" and anything by Elvis.
Favorite Artists: Elvis, Grandpa Jones and Little Jimmy Dickens
Favorite Radio station: None since they don't play a lot of what he likes. The old F250 has a CD jukebox loaded up with the best of the oldies.