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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
A lady named Junebugg stooped (Update: stopped not stooped but then again, stooped might be correct after all) by over the weekend and we just got around to noticing. Then we went over to her blog and found that she has problems with fellers what are late and don't send word ahead. Cletus says he is real sorry, but we are so down on readership (could be because we are so down on writing) that he just isn't checking as often as he used to do. (I know that last sentence isn't strictly grammatically correct, but I just report what I hear.)

We have been moving real slow recently. Bubba says there is an outside possibility that we are getting old, but I don't think that is it. If it were, then you'd think some of the people older than we are would be moving even slower. Note the correct use of we in the last sentence. That is to make up for Cletus' bad grammar earlier in the post. I thought about using us or ourselves like some people from up North do, but why should I show any more of my ignorance than necessary.

Anyway, we are certainly grateful that Mizz Junebugg stopped by. Cletus says he may go by and visit her and leave a note, but you know how dependable he is of late. If he has promised some stories once, he has promised a hundred times. I would say a thousand as is the vernacular, but Cletus is far too lazy for that many times.