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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Cletus says he is right disturbed to find he is one of them religious fundamentalists specially since he ain't a regular Church attender and Falwell and Robertson aren't among his top ten of great Americans. He admits he may be a member of the great unwashed, but that is only because the water heater in his trailer broke and he hasn't had time to fix it. Bubba said that he didn't think there was a lot of disgreement about the great unwashed part, but just how did Cletus decide he was a religious fundamentalist since when he did go to Church, he went down to the Church of Christ and they weren't real fundamentalist as far as he could tell although Brother Bobby is a bit nuts.

Cletus said he figured it out because he has been reading what has been said about how the election went to Bush because the religious right were too ignorant to see what was good for them and all voted for Bush. He says he basically agrees with the moral issues the religious right pushed so he must be a fundamentalist. Bubba said that he figured Cletus' living arrangements (He spends an awful lot of time with a woman to whom he is not married) would pretty much remove him from the fundamentalist category.

Elroy, who is back from his adventures in hurricane land, said he has been listening to the news and he is real confused about all the talk of how Ohio gave Bush his second term. He says he sat up on election night and it looked to him like a whole bunch of states went for Bush. It was just that them Yankees up in Ohio was slow counters, probably the result of poor public schools, and got their numbers in late or maybe the talking heads just needed some drama instead of just reporting the numbers as they came in. Bubba said he thought Elroy was way out of line insinuating that his betters were not completely honest or as intelligent as they wanted to believe. Why, all the major pundits have said Ohio and the religious fundamentalists gave Bush the Presidency so Elroy should just be quiet and accept it as the gospel.

Cletus said that proved he is either a right wing, fundamentalist nutcase or else from Ohio.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Mr. Possum asks if we have ever considered branching out and opening a branch at the Huntsville Airport, but since that would involve actual work and maybe even some commuting, the answer is no. We have thought about going fishing out that way, but Cletus says he isn't sure they allow fishing in the Wheeler Wildlife Preserve and he figures there aren't a lot of fish in the puddles at the Airport.

Cletus says to tell you he and Mary Ruth ventured over near Athens on Sunday and had lunch at the H&H Barbeque which turned out to have really good catfish. Those folks don't filet minnows and pass them off as fish. The filets were at least a half inch think and hand breaded with cornmeal. Cletus says they reminded him of the catfish his Granddaddy used to cook. A little more salt in the breading and they would have been perfect.

Cletus doesn't know the name of the road the H&H is on, but it is Dan Tibbs in Madison County. Cletus says that Dan Tibbs the man has quite a story, but that is for a later date.