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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Cletus is real upset that we missed our Blogday celebration last week. Yep, Compleat Redneck is now two years old and acting it. You ever try to get a two year old to do anything? Then you understand why there is so little posting here.

Cletus has been out of town visiting and touristing as he calls it. He says he may post about Vicksburg and his personal hero, U.S. Grant. Cletus is sort of forced to have old U.S. as his hero since he is kind of named for him. Mizz Jones wasn't real sure of her history and anyway, she liked the name Ulysses. Now you see how the nickname Cletus isn't so bad. Now if Cletus were living in Ohio, Ulysses wouldn't be so bad, but it isn't the best choice for Alabama although it is getting better, a fact that Cletus credits to a poor education system. He doesn't expect any teaching about the noble cause, but a little history would be a good thing.