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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Cletus says he is a little concerned for Mr. Possum and his obsession with old cars and not very good ones at that. He says he could understand it if Mr. Possum had not sold the ultimate in vehicles when he let his Ford pickup go. You just can't replace a good pickup with one of them piddling little old English cars. Why, about the onliest way to get a bunch of 2x4s in an MG is to cut out the rear window and stick them throught the hole and Cletus says from what he can remember about MGs, chances are you would end up totin' the 2 bys most of the way while the MG sat by the road waitin for some kind of fixing.

Cletus says he went over to Larry Anderson's and looked at the free Mercedes. He says that Larry should offer to pay someone to take it altough he does admit that there are some really good parts if a person had him another Mercedes coupe that he was restoring.