Compleat Redneck

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Mizz Bubba started her chemotherapy last week. So far it is going good. She didn't get sick from the first treatment. Bubba says that he kind of wishes she had gotten a little sick as it may have encouraged her to quit smoking. She is awfully bullheaded about her smoking and says she doesn't think it makes a bit of difference as far as her cancer goes. Bubba says if she didn't have cancer he might just have to consider killing her for being stupid. I think he is kidding.

Cletus went by to see Old Roy who is doing about as well as can be expected considering. Roy is quite upbeat and told Cletus to bring him a hamburger the next time he came. Cletus asked him if he wanted fries and Roy said he was trying to avoid high fat foods as he had heard they weren't good for your health. He did allow that a half gallon of chocolate ice cream would be okay though.