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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Cletus says he has been thinking about a lot of things and he thinks he needs to share his thought with the world. Bubba said he would say a prayer for the world tonight. Mrs. Bubba is in her fifth week of chemo and is not doing real well. She keeps having small strokes and still refuses to quit smoking. Go figger!

Anyway Cletus says one of the things he has been thinking about is the Ten Commandments and the Supreme Court. He says in his opinion, Justice Breyer is the only one with his head screwed on straight. Cletus says that anyone who thinks Roy Moore had anything in mind other than advancing his own religious opinions hasn't bothered to listen to Roy his own self and the Kentucky case seems to be cut from the same pattern. In fact, the Bluegrassers seem to have gotten their idea from Roy. Cletus says he figgers all them non-Christians is just plain lost, but then it ain't his job to force Christianity on them. If they live in this country and haven't heard about Jesus, then they in all likelihood ain't going to be learning anything by reading no 1o Commandments poster in a courthouse. As far as the monument in Texas, it wasn't placed there by a religious group and no one is forced to read it or even see it if they don't want to although Cletus is betting the visitation rate picks up a bit for a few months. Anyway, he figgers that Judge Breyer got it about right.

Just Cletus' opinion mind you. Probably no better than anyone elses but it is his.