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Friday, July 15, 2005
Cletus said he had been reading back through the archives and some of that stuff back in '03 was really pretty good writing even if there is a bunch of typos caused by the lack of proper keyboard skills and a dearth of proofreading. Cletus is learning new words everyday now since he found the dictionary function on the computer. He says that if Bill Gates went to the trouble to take time from his busy day running Microsoft to create the dictionary, then the least we Windows users can do is take a little time from our half-filled schedules to learn some new words. Bubba says that he thinks Cletus needs to get on with the political career since he is dang near past the necessary stupid index and nearing the upper limit of what is allowed even for a politician.

Bubba has this idea that you get stupid by being around stupid people. He says it might be the missing part of the Unified Field Theory (Bubba has done discovered the MS Encyclopedia). Anyway, he says that he thinks that stupidity acts much like magnetism and sets up a "flux" of stupid waves that kill any braincells which they contact thus greatly decreasing the average intelligence of any crowd or something like that. Elroy says he doesn't know if it will help to complete the Unified Field Theory or whatever but it does go a ways to explain the Alabama Legislature and the KKK.