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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Cletus says he hopes the new hurricanes forming in the Atlantic send us some rain. We didn't get any from Katrina and it is getting dry around here.

We saw in the paper that Huntsville has a few hundred people who fled the storm. Cletus says he hopes they like it here since we certainly could use some new blood and people from the Gulf region know their food.

I have no idea what that sentence means.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Cletus says he was reading Compleat Redneck and a couple of our readers (you should be ashamed of yourselves) want some more postings. Happy to oblige ladies! We admit that the postings have been few (okay, none) and far between but things have been a bit rough around here. Mizz Bubba has bow completed her chemo but not until she had a couple of small strokes and a few nights stay in the hospital. Even Cletus couln't find anything funny about that.

Cletus and Mary Ruth went to her 40th HS reunion on Saturday. Ate at the Western Sizzling and then visited the school. Cletus was talking to the husband of one of MR's classmates who said he couldn't remember things like he used to. Cletus asked him how he knew. "Know what?"
"That you can't remember things. If you don't remember them, how do you know you ever knew them?"

"My wife told me."

Personnally, I think the whole bunch of them are crazy. Cletus' forgetting friend said he remembered that gas was 30 cents a gallon when he was in HS but he only made $4 a day doing farm work so buying a dollar's worth was a significant investment, but then again all he had to spend his money on was a weekly date with the girl who is now his wife ans the only place to spend the money was the Dairy King and the drive-in movie. Now there is someone on every corner trying to get his money.

Cletus said he had been thinking about firing up the old F250 and heading off to Mississippi to cut trees but it looks a lot like work so he may have to think a while longer.

Elroy is off playing lineman again. With all these hurricanes, Elroy is practically getting back in shape after his years of office duty. Not quite, but still...

Okay, that should be enough posting to hold you people with no self-respect. Cletus says people who read this blog have it in them to become politicians what with their low levels of self-esteem.

Bubba allowed as to how he figured our readers are smart enough to not have a lot of self-esteem.

I wonder if they are smart enough to remember what we are talking about.