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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
I see that Cletus has already got some action on his Blog. I suspect that he will intolerable if he gets more than one or two questions. I am not one to carp, but I don't think most of you would take your cars to Luther. He is up to date on 1972 Chevy Malibus and that's about it. Combined with Cletus' exhaustive knowledge of 1979 Ford F250s, I'm sure that they will soon be the gurus of car advice.

Monday, October 24, 2005
Cletus has gone and started his own blog. He says we here at the Emporium are holding him back from his destiny. Bubba says that must mean Mary Ruth is making Cletus travel somewhere. I don't think we are rid of him but check his new digs out anyway.

Cletus admits that Mr. Gall and Wormwood is winning with his Earl Long raise but one must understand "interesting" versus "just plain crooked". Big Jim was interesting and probably more than just a little bit crooked. First off, he was a true "populist". He was either the only or one of two Southern governors who did not attend the Dixiecrat convention which was held in Birmingham. But Big Jim was "interesting. My Daddy used to says no one ever voted for Big Jim, he just got elected.

Big Jim was once told that his political opponents were going to try to entrap him using a beautiful blonde. "Damn", he replied, "That'll work everytime!". Another time a reporter asked him about a rumor he was sleeping with a woman not his wife. "That's a dam lie, we didn't sleep a wink".

Was Big Jim a crook? According to his own testimony; yes, but as he said, maybe it is better to have the folks who admit stealing from you than the ones who lie about it.