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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Cletus is a mite down in the dumps since he isn't getting a lot of questions about cars and car repair or philosophy either for all that it matters. Then to make things worse, Nate McCord had to go and point out that Cletus had failed to mention where one might ask such a question. Cletus says that he told everyone in the very first post that they should just leave a comment. Bubba allowed that not everyone read the first post and that Cletus' Car Corner was not exactly Hemingway that someone would carefully read from the beginnning to ensure they missed none of the literary gems therein. Actually, Bubba doesn't talk that like that at all. I just wanted to punch it up a bit to show Cletus some real writing. Okay, writing a little better than the average HS graduate.

Mizz Bubba has been taking radiation treatments and is doing well. She hasn't experienced any of the "sunburn" effect lots of people get and is doing better overall. Hopefully, she can get back to normal soon. Bubba says thanks for all the prayers.