Compleat Redneck

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Thursday, December 29, 2005
2005 is just about gone and the Emporium denizens are looking forward to a great 2006. Cletus says his consumer confidence is up even if his income isn't. Mizz Bubba has her last radiation treatment today, Elroy has now been excused from any lineman duties and is safe in his office job, the homeless young rocket scientist is now in his new house and I'm taking the rest of the year off.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Cletus and Mary Ruth went up to Nashville on Christmas to the Opryland Hotel to see all the Christmas decorations. Cletus was more impressed with the nine acres of tropical plants in their atria. He says the buffets were over priced and the next time he wiil just take a fried baloney sandwich and a diet coke. That started a big argument over the proper way to make a baloney sandwich which progressed to the proper banana sandwich. The "discussion" was going well until Elroy said he makes his with peanut butter and mayonaise at which point there was a real split and people moved to opposite sides of the room. It seems you either like your banana sandwiches that way or find the idea repulsive.

The one point of agreement was white bread or loaf bread as most of us choose to call it. A banana sandwich on rye just doesn't sound right.