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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Cletus says he is right confused about the term "public intellectual". Is it something like "public toilet" that everyone is allowed to use for free? Can a good old country boy call up a PI and get some intelligence? Elroy says if that is the case, we need to get one on the line soon as there is a definite lack of intelligence around here.

Cletus says he figures a feller like Thomas Sowell would worth talking to but from reading some of the self-proclaimed PI's he's not sure there would be much improvement. The actual intelligence level might go down on those mornings when two or three of the rocket scientists stop in.

Bubba says Bubba Jr. is back at work and Mizz Bubba is feeling a lot better.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Cletus says he is concerned that our recent posts make us seem anti-Islam. We are not. As we have said before, we consider all religions other than Christianity to be false religons (Christianity is by its nature, an exclusive releigion), but that does not mean we are anti anyone. The Apostle Paul recognized that people could be quite religious and even "good" people and practice other religions. Cletus says we are anti anyone who uses religion as an excuse to control and exploit others. He has put together a short list of things he thinks Moslems should be up in arms about:
1. Young girls being forced back into a burning building becuse they were not "properly" dressed.
2. People having their hands cut off by Islamists in Algeria.
3. People being killed by Islamist "suicide" bombers in Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan.
4. Hundreds of school children killed by Islamists in Russis.
5. Jimmy Carter---Oh sorry, that's us who should be upset about Jimmah.

Well back to the pits. (That's a joke , son!)

Monday, February 20, 2006
Cletus says he figures the average "Moslem" is about like the average "Christian": a Moslem because they were born into as Moslem culture. He uses our friend Ali as an example. (Elroy says he thinks we should refer to Ali as "Ali Bubba" in future correspondence) Ali knows less about the different branches of Islam than Cletus. He is certain he is a Moslem but don't ask him what kind because he doesn't know shiite from sunni.