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Monday, February 27, 2006
Cletus has been reading a book about the 1000 most infuential people of the last 1000 years. He says that overall, the politicians were not a very nice group of people. He especially liked the ones who executed their own children or friends for political advantage. Cletus has always held that Richard Nixon's main problem during Watergate was that he was too nice. The folks in the book would have chopped Dean, Halderman and Erlichmann off as soon as it started looking bad. Of course in the old days, shopping off was quite literal.

He says everyone should read the book since if for no other reason than to realize that Europeans didn't invent murder, slavery and most other horrors in history. Cletus says he has been a might disappointed that Europeans were pretty much Johnny-come-latelies on most of the goodies in history although the Spanish didn't do too badly by defining the New World natives as non-human.