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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Cletus says he knew he was a little out of the mainstream in the way he thinks, but even then he was surprised at some of the talk at his Church last night concerning the men who burned the church buildings. Seems quite few people were concerned that they had ruined their lives.

Cletus says he is pretty sure that would not be the case if the "boys" were from some of our local families who don't have money or if they had joined the Army and shot someone in Iraq or, heavens forbid, abused a detainee. Many of the folks saying were so sorry the "boys" from good families had ruined their lives. Cletus says he just hopes they State goes for at least a Class 2 felony which will put them away for several years.

Cletus' motto is "Decisions Have Consequences". He says a parent's job is to teach children to make good decisions before they reach the point where the parent can't bail them out of bad ones. These fellers' parents didn't do that.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Another slow day in Dixie. Warm though. Cletus estimates 75 at two PM. A little overcast and a touch of climate change in the air although we are not quite prepared to call it "global warming" since often we have snow in late March. From Mr. Possum we learn that the dimbulb church burners have been caught. May they get the full 20.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Since Cletus has re-discovered how to make links, he says CR may become a "linker" since the thinking business is real hard work. Elroy says he figures Cletus has burned out a bunch of synapses through the unaccustomed activity if we only count the 5 minutes he devoted to thinking today only.

There's something wrong with that sentence but this is the Compleat Redneck blog not the Grammar Are Us blog although that would be a good one if we only knew some grammar. Bubba says he used to know of a man named Grammar who made guitars or maybe farmed some local bottom land. Remembering which is too much thinking.

This shows that there is good reason for Cletus to keep working on his "manly" figure especially since the only airbags the old F250 has are the driver and the inner tubes.

It worked! Now if I can just remember five minutes from now.


Cletus is right upset. Seems we missed our third blogging anniversary back in December. Cletus is trying to find someone to blame for the oversight, but can't get any volunteers. Elroy says he is pretty sure that way back in '02, Cletus was designated the social secretary of Compleat Redneck and it seems anniversaries and birthdays are part of that job. Bubba says he didn't have time to keep up with it since he has been taking Mizz Bubba to the Doctor so often. As for me, I just do the slow, methodical typing. At the rate I type, I don't have time to do anything else much less keep the calendar.

Anyway, for what it is worth, there are a couple of people who have been reading this drivel for over three years. To them we say thanks and please keep an eye out for the men in white coats carrying nets.

(The men, not the coats, will be carrying the nets.)

Monday, March 06, 2006
Cletus says he has noticed that we are back to our usual posting pace which he describes as pretty easy going. I don't know, we posted more in February than we have in several months. Elroy says he thinks we could use the "crud" as an excuse since it is going around and seems to lay people up for a couple of weeks but we haven't had the crud so I guess it is just plain old laziness that keeps our posting rate so low.

I don't really see us getting all energetic so what you see is what you get.