Compleat Redneck

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Friday, March 17, 2006
Cletus is not feeling well. Seems there is something going around and he thinks he has it. Anyway, he is hacking and coughing and generally sounding not so good. Bubba says he needs to go to the Doctor, but Cletus said he saw old Doc Green in the IGA this morning and the Doc seems to be worse than he is.

Doc suggested that they go get a bunch of green beer and drown their misery but Cletus reminded Doc that he Cletus really couldn't handle beer and that Doc drinks so much that an additional dozen mugs wouldn't make much difference. Doc allowed as to how Cletus was probably right and said he supposed he would just go on to his office and spread the pleasure around.

We all agreed that going to see Doc today was probable not the best idea.

Monday, March 13, 2006
Cletus went up to East Tennessee Saturday to a wedding. It was a pretty good one in a small country Primitive Baptist Church attended by about 80 people pretty well split between the Bride's Alabama relatives and the Groom's Tennessee folks. Cletus said he was most interested in the wide range of formal dress at the affair ranging from tuxedos to overalls with the side buttons undone. Cletus said that people outside the Southern Appalachians may not realize that there is such a thing as formal overalls but real hill people know that new overalls are about as formal as you can get.

Cletus says he does believe that Mr. Blackwell would insist the gentleman with the side buttons undone did commit a fashion faux pas. The BBQ Emporium denizens were divided on the question. One of the older fellers asked the age and sex of the wearer and when told that he was an older gentleman, said that he figured the undone buttons were a form of rebellion from a man dragged out to a wedding on a perfect day for fishing.

I suppose he may be right.