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Friday, April 07, 2006
Cletus was watching TV and heard that there was big storm headed this way. He is trying to get people to add him to their wills just in case they get blown away. He says just for the weekend is good enough although he wouldn't turn down anyone who wants him as a permanent heir.

Bubba says he is real close to putting Cletus on EBay so that some other familiy can have a crazy uncle. That got Elroy started on the John Candy movie, "Uncle Buck" that he considers to be the best child rearing movie ever and also best over all, funny, high drama, intrique, potential violence and a happy ending.

Cletus left off his sales pitch long enough to opine that John Candy was one of the best comedic actors ever, but he personally places Bill Murray at the top.

Let me tell you, never start a discussion of who is/was the greatest comedian. It stops all other conversation.

And just for the record, the best ever was Tim Conway and the best skit was the clumsy dentist on the Carol Burnett show.

Monday, April 03, 2006
In a comment below Mizz Junebugg says: "The thing with memories is that everyone remembers things differently. Of course mine are right and everyone else is just mistaken......". Cletus says that certainly fits him. His memories are crystal clear but don't always fit with how the rest of us remember things happening. We all agree that Cletus is wrong.

Cletus says he thinks he may have missed the date to file to run for county commissioner. Bubba allowed as how he was either about two years late or two years early since District 2 is not up this year. Elroy says that he wishes Cletus would make up his mind since all this constant teasing is depressing. No one undestood that comment until Elroy explained that if Cletus was the Commissioer, he would be away from here most of the time.

Bubba said he was starting a "Draft Cletus" movement today.