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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Cletus says he thinks he will go over to Jerry's (that's the place KudzuBoy goes on Thursdays) and sing a few tonight. That prompted Bubba to ask if Cletus ahd been invited since Jerry isn't noted for being an Elvis fan and Elvis is just about all Cletus can do. Cletus said he has been working on his George Jones and thinks he has him down pretty good although he can only sing a couple of songs but he is sure he could slip two or three of the later Elvis things in.

Elroy asked Bubba if there was any news on the submissive wife front. Bubba says he doesn't want to talk about it.

Bubba says Bubba Junior is back at work and seems t0 be doing fine. He has some new heart medicine that seems to be working.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
So one of our retired Army guys was in this morning and Cletus asked him about the Generals turning on Rumsfeld. The retired guy, let's just call him "Chip" (apologies to the Hatemongers Quarterly ) said that he knows a couple of the Army guys and figures they didn't go as far up in the Army as they expected to because Rumsfeld didn't select General Shensecki's handpicked successor as the Army Chief of Staff. He explained that all Army Generals have a pedigree that you can check to see how they became Generals. He says you can trace the Chiefs from the late 60s up through Shensecki and see where they were each picked fairly early in their careers. Career disappointment might explain something about what they are saying but then he said he is probably wrong since he is sure teh reporters covering the story would check to see if there are any underlying motivations.

Cletus said he was more interested in what they have to say than who they are. Chip said that didn't make much sense because who a person is has a lot to do with what they say.

Bubba said it didn't make a lot of difference since GWB says he is the decider and has decided that Rumsfeld stays.

Elroy says he thinks we should get back to our usual drivel since this subject is much too deep for him to follow.

Chip said that was fine with him since he only stopped in for a cup of coffee anyway.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
It seems that Bubba screwed up and let Mizz Bubba know about Compleat Redneck. Now he is catching heck about yesterday's post. So much for the submissive wife business and I bet he catches more after this post.

Cletus says he never would let Mary Ruth know about CR. Since she was sitting in the next chair when he said that, his statement didn't carry a lot of weight.

MR says if she were to ever start a blog, she would emulate Mizz Junebugg who she found by reading CR. She says JB seems to be right smart woman except for the fact that she reads CR. Cletus said that he always thought that reading CR meant a person was definitely high class.

Well, Cletus was the only one who admitted to thinking that reading CR means a person is high class although we did have a nice Englishman reader our first year. We haven't heard from him in a while which probably means he caught on to the fact that reading CR destroys braincells. MR says she figures it is only a matter of time until only morons are reading CR which would mean equal intelligence on each side of the keyboard.

I tell you, MR is one mean mouth woman. I just can't see her ever being a submissive wife.

Monday, April 17, 2006
Cletus said it is about time for a new book to come out extolling the virtues of a submissive wife. He says that he has noticed that there seems to be about a five year cycle on those and we have to be near the end of one. The best he can figure, some woman writes the book, a few preachers pick up on it and the next thing you know, she has sold a million and is appearing on TV talk shows explaining to other women just how fulfilled she is because she follows the biblical injunction to submit to her husband. Cletsu says he can't recall ever having seen or heard from said husband, but he is sure the feller is quite pleased with his submissive wife and would be even more so if she were ever home.

Bubba says he just learned that Mizz Bubba is a submissive wife. In fact she told him so her very own self. Bubba says he was a little confused by her proclamation until she explained that she was being submissive by doing those things he would be telling her to do if he every thought of it. Elroy says he has always admired Mizz Bubba and now he has even more reason. In fact, he thinks he will let Mizz Elroy in on the secret of being a submissive wife since she never has bought into the concept although the preacher at their Church is pretty hot on the issue. Elroy says there are under currents of discontent from some of the women over his continuing series of sermons using Paul's injunction for women to sit and be silent.

Elroy says Mizz Elroy is insisting that he confront the Board of Deacons and give them a piece of her mind. Whenever he mentions that she knows the BoD as well as he does, she quotes Paul and says that it is his job as head of the family.

Elroy says that so far, he has resisted the temptation to point out that her views are a bit at odds.