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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Again we are left out of the Thursday Three because of our failure to attend college and our inability to remember high School. Cletus did attend college for a while but if he ever took a final, he can't remember it.

Commenting on our Rednecks, Good Old Boys and White Trash post from yesterday, Chef Tony mentioned that he works indoors but still gets a redneck because of the kitchen heat. Well, that certainly qualifies. He is definitely doing something to make the world go round. Cletus asked if I had ever measured the heat by the old BBQ pit. I told him I'd rather not know but 100 degree days seem cool when you step away.

Bubba once worked in the iron casting plant at Horseshoe Bend in Chattanooga. He says that on the coldest winter day, it was 130 inside the plant and he never wanted to know what is was on a hot summer day. Bubba says much like Chef Tony, he tended to have more than just a redneck at the end of a workday. The cast iron plant (I think they are called "foundries") made hand picking cotton seem like a good way to make a living.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Yesterday, Mr. Possum mentioned Good Old Boys, Rednecks and White Trash. Cletus says there is a definite difference although there is occasionally some serious overlap. Best we can figure, there can be overlap between Rednecks and Good Old Boys and between GOBs and White Trash but not between Rednecks and WT. Note that the name of this Blog is Compleat Redneck and we stick pretty much to the traditional definition which is Redneck describes folks who have rednecks from working out in the sun. In other words, Rednecks are the working class guys who make things happen. Rednecks can be Good Old Boys and vice versa. White Trash, on the other hand, we would describe as being those folks of the paler persuasion who have an adversion to work.

Mind you we are not the final word on this by any means. As far as we can tell, all three terms are used by our betters as terms of derision.

Cletus says he was pretty much a Bill Clinton fan up the time James Carville made a comment about trolling trailer courts with dollars. When Clinton didn't disavow Carville, Cletus became an non-Democrat although he still hasn't told his Mama. It would break her yellow dog heart if she found out.

Cletus says there is no reason to go putting good people down just because they have less money than you. On the other hand, if they go and paint the trailer Alabama red, anything goes.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Cletus says that he kind of wishes the old F250 was a diesel since the price of gas has gotten so high. He says he may have to stop driving and just hitch his way in. Bubba pointed out that since Cletus is technically "retired" it is not absolutely necessary that he come in at all. In fact, since the BBQ Emporium is not a work place except for yours truly and "Estelle, et al" the waitresses, none of the gang really needs to come in. I objected to that since I need the paying folks to show up.

Cletus went to a funeral yesterday. He said the obit was one of those where the guy was 75 years old but the included picture was made when he was 30. Cletus says that when he departs this humble orb, if there is a picture with his obit, it needs to be a very recent one and if such is not available, whatever is needs to be photoshopped to age it properly. Bubba asked if it was okay to add a few pounds so people would recognize Cletus.

I was thinking about a price increase on my BBQ, but I fear an investigation from Congress on price gouging and I really can't take the time off to go to Washington for the hearings. Cletus says that there is a remote possibility that several of our more esteemed Congresspersons are idiots. Bubba says he figures that the possibility is not so remote that he would need a telescope to see it.