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Friday, May 19, 2006
Someone asked Cletus what that was over to the left where it says numbers. Cletus says it could be the number of readers who have visited us in the 3+ years we have been in the blogging business or it could just be a random number generator he found somewhere on Al Gore's World Wide Web. Bubba said that many if not most people would consider it a bit dishonest to suggest that we have more than two regular readers including ourselves. Cletus says that since he never said it was the number of readers, it is entirely the responsibility of the readers if they get the wrong idea.

Elroy said that so far, he figures we didn't have a topic for today's post and are just making it up as we go. I think that is a perfect example of slander and told Elroy that he would be hearing from my lawyer "Chuck" as soon as I can get him back on his feet. Cletus says it is my own fault for letting him get in the beer in the first place. I told him it wasn't in the first place but rather over at my place that "Chuck" got in the beer. Cletus said he had always wondered where "the first place is" that so many things are in. At that point I found myself in full agreement with Elroy that we must be just making this up as we go.

Cletus says this post should definitely show Mizz Junebugg that this is not the most intelligent corner of Al's WWW.

Thursday, May 18, 2006
Cletus says he has been thinking about how many things the average person accepts on faith. We usually think of faith as being a religion thing, but most of the things we think we know about the world we accept through faith in a person or people we do not personally know. Cletus says it is truly a marvel how we more readily accept something said by a person we don't know than we do from a person we know very well. For instance, some "scientist" goes on TV and says something. Many if not most of us simply accept it because a "scientist" said it. Cletus said that in most cases, the "scientist" himself may not understand what he is expounding on.

Bubba said this was a pretty deep subject and could Cletus give an example. Cletus said that the best example he can think of is man made "satellites". How do we know they exist? Bubba said that he knew because one day he heard on the radio that if he looked in a certain part of the sky at 9:00 PM, he would see a satellite go over. He did and it did. Cletus asked him how he knew it was a man made satellite. Bubba siad because the man on the radio told him where to to look and he saw it with his own eyes. Cletus asked him what he actually saw and Bubba said he saw a light passing pretty fast across the night sky.

Cletus asked Bubba if he knew enough about the night sky to identify every object. Bubba said he knew enough to find the North Star. Cletus said that then Bubba was admitting that he accepted the light he saw as a man made satellite because the radio man said it was not from any knowledge that he, Bubba, possessed. Bubba didn't like it but he agreed that he suppsoed that was so.

Cletus said that is the case with most things we think we know. We accept them on faith, not actual knowledge.

Bubba said that he thinks Cletus is wrong since he , Bubba, is really accepting things because science or scientists say they are true. Cletus came back with "What is science?".

Elroy opined that Cletus is sounding less and less like a Compleat Redneck and that he, Elroy, is beginning to think that Cletus is reading philosophy or some such during the times he says he is travelling.

Cletus anwered that as he has said many times, being a Redneck doesn't mean that you have to be stupid.

He won't get any argument on that from the BBQ Emporium gang.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Cletus says that in order to get in front of a major issue, we need to start talking about the thing the major media have decided is the top story of the day. No, not immigration silly, the Da Vinci Code movie. Yep, we are here at your cutting edge of commentary, ready to let you in on the secrets behind the book and the movie.

Okay, a slight problem has arisen. None of us have read the book and it seems that even Mary Ruth, a member of the media and aspiring movie critic, wasn't invited to the preview screening last night in Hollywood. Cletus says they drove down to Hollywood but were unable to locate a theater so unless the screening was in in Hoyt Smith's new home media center, the whole "preview" thing didn't happen.

Elroy says there is an outside chance that it wasn't Hollywood, Alabama where the screening took place. Well, that certainly clears things up.

Anyway, if we knew anything about the book or the movie we would be out there on the cutting edge of societal commentary sharing our insightful insight with you.

Bubba just asked why we are letting complete ignorance of a subject stop us in this case when we have never worried about it before. Well that is a good point.

So on to the DVC as we insiders call it. Apparently some guy named Dan Brown (yeah, right!) wrote this book where he says Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. It has upset a lot of people who haven't read it and now a movie has been released which will upset a lot of people who will never go see it.

That about exhausts our commentary although Cletus says if the movie ever makes it to DVD, he may rent it and visit with old Hoyt who he hears has a 60 inch plasma screen in his entertainment center.

Bubba pointed out that the last he heard, Hoyt was a Holiness and the likelyhood of him having a TV of any kind was on par with the accuracy of the DVC.

Back to your regular programming!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Cletus had to drive into Huntsville today and he said he may just have to become a hermit. Seems the drivers have finally reached a level of incompetence with whichCletus can't cope. He says he handled the u-turn on University pretty good and the guy doing 70 in the 45 was okay, but the left turn from the right lane across three lanes of traffic and through a redlight was just a tad too much.

Bubba said the solution is to shop our local stores to which Cletus replied: "What local stores?" I have to admit he has a point there. We are getting a lot of houses but not much business out here. I guess it will only get worse as Huntsville continues to grow and more people want the "rural" lifestyle. Elroy says he has lived the rural lifestyle all his life, except when he was in the Army, and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, he and the Missus are thinking of moving to one of them Florida retirement homes.

Well, I seem to be drifting rambling (as usual) so I out of here.

Monday, May 15, 2006
Cletus says he had a pretty good weekend. He and Mary Ruth went over to Athens to the Martin Delray concert. Be fore the main event, they had some "tribute" perfromers and Cletus says they were almost as good as he is. Cletus says it almost makes him want to get back in the music business where upon Bubba allowed that singing at a couple of Church dinners and once at the old BBQ Emporium does not mean one is in the music business.

Uncharacteristically, Cletus agreed with him. He did say that he really enjoyed the concert and just might have to go more often. (Need I mention that the concert was at a place that served food?)