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Friday, May 26, 2006
Cletus went to a graduation Tuesday night and he says he was right disappointed in the way people acted. Bubba said that he shouldn't be upset that the students were rowdy considering they were graduating from high school and wanted to celebrate. Cletus said the students were okay. It was the parents that bothered him. Seems there was a lot of cell phones ringing and conversations about "Idol" and what was for dinner and the whole thing was distracting.

Cletus says he thinks he has done his last graduation. In the future, he thinks he will just wait for the DVD.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Cletus says this whole Congresman Jefferson thing just plain bothers him. The gall of someone paying $100,000 to a Congressman to arrange business in Africa. Buying a Congressman has gotten completely out of hand. At those prices, they will start to think they are special people and expect such things as "get out jail free cards".

Bubba says it seems the Congresspersons are well ahead of Cletus on that one. Seems Speaker of th House Hastert has already insisted on that.

Cletus says he thinks somewhere in the remote past, there was an honest Congressperson who tried to serve the country but it is possible that he resigned and joined the Army in 1942.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Cletus noticed a question from Mizz Junebugg concerning the Drive-in theater we used to go to. Cletus says he doesn't know where Tanner is except for a small community over near Geraldine on Sand Mountainand he doesn't think there was ever anything there except a couple of chicken houses and a marijuana farm. Bubba said that he didn't think it was necesary to insult a perfectly good community with comments like that.

Anyway once upon a time we, in desparate need for a post subject, wrote about the Drive-in at Albertville that was a source of so much joy in our youth. We saw "Thunder Road" there and later on went to several movies we do not recall.

Cletus says he saw a movie called "Vixen" there. It didn't give his date any ideas so he doesn't remember much about it either except it was a major controversy around the nation. Cletus says that "Vixen" would play during the "family hour" on TV today.

Maybe the old days really were better.