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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Well, that was certainly interesting! Best I can remember, most of the folks I voted for won.

I checked the old stockmarket ticker and it seems the market can't quite decide if the election results are good or bad.

I figure by the end of the day, the market will decide it is mostly irrelevant.

That is pretty much what I think.

Oh, I do not think the results bode well for Hillary in 2008 but she and Bill have been quite creative in the past and I expect the next two years to be entertaining.

What I found interesting about the Alabama election was the high percentage of obviously split ballots. It appears that Alabamans as a whole vote for the person not the party.

That's good and pretty much what I expect from people who used to consider the Dem primary as the election. My Dad always told me to vote for the best man in any race. Actually, what he said was vote for the least crooked, but Dad was cynic.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Here it is Election Day 2006 and it is raining like crazy. I don't know if that means anything.

BJB is watching the news and I just noticed the stock quotations block on the screen. I find it interesting that the stockmarket thinks things will turn out okay. I don't know what that means as far as who gets elected but apparently folks with money think it won't hurt the economy.

What I can't understand is why gas prices didn't drop a whole bunch this week. I really need to fill up the old F250 and a few cents a gallon makes a big difference. You'd think that Bush would lower the prices to help out Reps and me also, but NO! I smell a conspiracy there but I can't figure out how Bush/Cheney gain anything.

I guess I'll go down and vote this afternoon. One of the folks who came by the old BBQ Emporium this morning said there was a lady at her polling place who was convinced that she was going to be prevented from voting because she was black. She was really upset to find out that she had gotten in the wrong line. The folks in the right line let her cut in front and she had voted by 7:10.

I don't suppose we'll hear about that on the news tonight.

I saw a few political advertisements last night. I have to say that they could use a little better production and maybe better writing. I saw the one for the judge who plays piano at her Church. I suppose that is important information to know when I vote but I don't know why.

BJB says I need to get over questioning my betters and just go with the flow.

I suppose he is right.

Monday, November 06, 2006
I guess I will have to move to a better neighborhood. Yesterday, I got a call from Bill Clinton asking me to get out and vote for Lucy Baxley.

Heck, I didn't even know that Bill knew me. I tried to talk to him but he must have been in a hurry since he hung up before I got two words in.

Well, he is a busy man what with all the speaking engagements and working to get Hillary elected in 2008. I do apprecaite him taking the time to call even if he didn't have time to talk.

I noticed that lately I am getting a lot of calls from famous and semi-famous people who don't have time to talk. I am pleased to know that so many of them have found my telephone number and find me worthy of 10 seconds of their time.

10 seconds seems about right. After all, that's about how much time I give any thought to them.