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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Elroy asked when we were all going to announce that we are forming our exploratory committees for the 2008 Presidential race.

He says that it appears that we are the only Americans who have not announced. Bubba says it does seem so. He says he heard that some guy named Dodd had announced (if he remembers correctly, the guy is a Senator from one of those little states up North where global warming hasn't hit yet) and the polls show that people from his own state don't know who he is.

Elroy said that most people in Alabama don't know who he is either so we shouldn't be critical of his home staters.

I think Elroy may be getting and missing the point at the same time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
"So what do you think about Hagel", Elroy asked. "Hegel, the philosopher?" Bubba asnswered. "Not a lot. This is a Blog called Compleat Redneck if you remember."

"Not the philosopher, the Senator who is running for President".

"Apparently about as much as I think about the Philosopher, not much!"

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Gosh dang it! Bubba had to go and remember that I was once a John Edwards fan although in my defense, I did think it was the TV Psychic who was running for President back in '04. I know practically nothing about the guy who is running now and I think the Psychic is off TV but I may be wrong.

Well, Bubba wanted to know what I thought of the big house JE is building up in North Carolina. I told him I fugured that was as good a place as any for him to build since Lord knows, we don't need any more politicians around here. Bubba said he found the whole thing troubling for some reason. BJB asked if it was the size of the recreation area (18,000 sqft) but Bubba said he could understand that part just fine. He himself has a large recreation area almost attached to his house. A man needs a lot of space to properly store and care for his stuff. It's the size of the house that bothers Bubba. He says he and Mizz Bubba have about 2000 sqft and it is about killing him to take care of it since Mizz Bubba has been off her feed. He doesn't understand how Mizz Edwards will manage the 10,000 sqft seeing as she has had the same cancer as Mizz Bubba.

Elroy said he figures they have maids to take care of the place and that Mizz Edwards probably spends her time writing books and fixing JE's hair. Bubba said he had not thought of that and that he guessed he could hire a maid to help around the house. Elroy said he figures that for Bubba it is pretty much an upside down economic equation to hire a maid seeing as he is retired and doesn't do anything except fish, watch TV and come in here to drink coffee.

Bubba allowed as how that was probably the truth but another thing was worrying him about the Edwards affair. "The two Americas speech," suggested BJB.

"Nope" Bubba replied," the 106 acres. 18,000 sqft is way too much space for the few tractors a person needs for a 106 acres."

I think he has a point.