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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Cletus said to tell you he is sorry for not getting on with his analyses of leading Presidential candidates but he has become a little confused about who is in the race and also concerned that there is no one who measures up to the task. He says he thinks it was H.L. Menchen who said:
"Any man capable of getting himself elected President should not be allowed to serve." The Problem is getting elected and being able to do the job are different things. The core of it is the President no longer if one ever was, really in charge of Government operations. Once elected, the candidate must identify hundreds if not thousands of people to fill appointed offices and there simply are not enough competent people willing to give up their day jobs to run a Government office. Oh, you have plenty who see an appointed office as being a stepping stone to bigger things but how many people with real talent and integrity are going to take one of the $150,000 jobs that are not in the public eye and which do not lead to big payoffs once one leaves office. What we get is the same old same old with a golf tournament manager in charge of emergency management, an almost but not quite capable Federal judge in charge of Homeland Security and a new law school graduate deciding which U.S. Attorney gets to keep their job.

Looking at the current crop of candidates on both sides and there doesn't appear to be anyone up to the job. Oh, if Hillary is elected, there will be plenty of Dem Party hacks to fill the jobs and McCain can find plenty of Rep Party hacks but capable people?

Forget it! Cletus' opinion is that if you are active in party politics, you have already established that you are not competent to do work that requires competence.