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Monday, April 09, 2007
Cletus said he once came up with the perfect scheme to improve the quality ( and honesty) of elected and appointed public servants. It was a two parter:

1. No raises without a gap in service. For example, Robert Byrd (D, Pork) would be getting paid $1.50 per year. The legislature could vote raises but they would only be available to people elected in the future.

2. No retirement plan at all for elected or appointed service. If you want retirement, earn it in the marketplace not at the public trough.

3. Pay officials who leave office for a couple of years but do not allow them to work atranything including speaking or writing for pay. Cletus says that would cut down drastically on the revolving door problem.

Elroy asked what Cletus meant by "appointed" and he says he means Judges and other appointed officials. Although he doesn't believe that Judges should be elected, he also thinks it is a good idea to send them packing regularly.

Cletus is really bothered by folks such as John McCain and Fred Thompson who want to limit citizens' ability to influence the political process. He figures that if he and a goodly number of his like minded friends want to pay for ads saying McCain is an idiot, then that is their Constitutional right.

Elroy says that I cannot lend Cletus any more of my libertarian books.

Cletus says his cynical reviews of possible 2008 Presidential candidates set him to thinking about what he wants to see in a candidate. Elroy says that after looking at the list, he can see that Cletus may have a bit of a problem with all the possible candidates.

This is Cletus’ List in no particular order:
All U.S. Military out of Europe. There is no rational reason to continue to have our people in Europe.
All U.S. military out of South Korea and Japan. It’s about time for the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese to take responsibility for their part of the world including the pesky DPRK.
All U.S. Forces out of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. If it is oil that we need, let the Arabs figure out how to protect their own assets. Cletus says he figures that a barrel of Mid-East oil costs us about twice the market price when you factor in the cost of our Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.
Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan now. Lest you start to think that he is some kind of “peace monger”, Cletus wants you to know he is of the “make glass not war” school of diplomacy.

Cletus says if you think the above make him an isolationist, you are wrong. He believes we need to be fully engaged but that we really need to get out of the police business.

On the domestic front, Cletus is looking for a candidate who recognizes that the Government can’t do every thing for everyone. He wants one who will:

Say to the Louisiana’s people and politicians, “The rest of America is not responsible for bailing you out from natural disasters beyond immediate relief. It is not a secret that hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast nor was it ever a secret that New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. Folks, your elected officials are not able to keep you safe from a mugger, why would you expect they could handle acts of God?” This of course applies to all of us. North Alabama is afflicted with tornados. Getting blown away is a possibility. Don’t expect the Government to prevent it. A bit of personal responsibility is called for.
Global warming may be happening. It may not. It may be partially caused by human activity. It may not be. Al Gore may be right (but not likely considering it he is Al Gore) but even if he isn’t, we need to get cut back on all forms of pollution but in a rational fashion. Political gimmicks such as ethanol don’t make the cut on the rational front.
We need national effort to encourage more young people to become engineers and scientists. Cletus says his candidate will say loudly that lawyers and social workers are not going to save us.
The candidate will say: “There is nothing about the national health care system that your elected officials can’t make worse”.

And “Folks, I don’t know much about anything but raising money, but then neither do these other yahoos.”

Elroy suggested that Cletus not hold his breath while waiting for his candidate to appear.