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Monday, March 31, 2008
Cletus says that he figures we should post at least once a year or else people will think we have demised or some such disasterly event has occcured.

Cletus says he thinks we missed a great opportunity in the political commentary vein by not posting our erudite thoughts during the big primary season. He says he is diasppointed in the folks who still have a chance to be nominated and is looking for a suitable write-in and that is for local offices. Don't get him started on the national ones.

Cletus is a bit upset that Congressman Cramer didn't notify him that he was not going to seek re-election. Cletus says he would have jumped into that race if he had had little advance notice but that a month is just not enough time to get the Cletus Jones political machine moving. Bubba says that is because it is in about as good condition as the old F250 and the chances of movement are pretty slim. Or maybe he was talking about Cletus and not the old F250.

Elroy recently bought an F450 that is about 40 feet long and as wide. He is in the ranching business and says it is a tax write-off because it is a working truck. Cletus says he thought that you had to pay taxes before you could write things off but Elroy assured us that paying taxes is not necessary.

Did I mentions that Elroy is his own accountant/attorney?