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Friday, June 20, 2008
Cletus says this whole Presidential campaign is just plain depressing. Here we have two people who says they are a different kind of politician and they act just like the old kind.

On top of that, our local Congressman announced he was not running for re-election too late for Cletus to get his act together. To make matters worse, the GOP runoff election is between a lobbyist and a nut case. Cletus says he is at least as nutty as the nut case.

Elroy pointed out that the NC spent $500,000 of her own money in the primary to get 19% of the vote and appears to be spending about the same in the runoff. The lobbyist got 49% in a field of six.

Cletus says he figures that with his Elvis tribute act and his ability to play the religion card with the very best, he could have gotten at least 20%.

Bubba says it is going to be a long year.

Cletus has parked the old F250 and is working on building himself an electric car. We are not sure he quite grasps the concept because he has gathered up a bunch of electric motors, a few wheels and some batteries. Cletus says we should remember that he is as capable as an engineer as the people running for President are of doing that job.