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Friday, June 27, 2008
We are stunned to find that "Jan" commented on our last post. Cletus has been reading through our extensive file cache trying to find "Jan" among our known ten readers but so far no luck.

To make matters more confusing, "Jan" mentions fans of something called the Detroit Redwings. Cletus Googled the term and found it refers to something called "Ice Hockey". That really is confusing as we thought that everyone was a fan of the GOD ordained sport of FOOTBALL.

Anyway, Ms. Jan (could be Mr. Jan as the person is obviously of Northern extraction) refers to something she refers to as a "moderate". Elroy says this esteemed and valued reader (Since she/he apparently is our only reader) obviously knows little about Alabama or she would know that moderates are also referred to as "road kill".

Cletus is trying to find his 1911A1 as the Supremes say that he has a Constitutional right to have it. Elroy reminded him that he has had a carry permit for years and never carried so the court decision is pretty much a wash in his case.

Cletus was watching college baseball and some team from California beats Georgia to win the National Championship. He says it was heartwarming not because Georgia got beat but apparently the "Fresno State" team was the bottom seed. We wonder if the play FOOTBALL.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Cletus has been reading the political Blogs and says he sometimes gets the urge to become on himself except he strives to not become too prominent, have any friends who may become controversial, attract any attention (not easy for guy his size) or otherwise affect his future political viability. So far he is succeeding.

Anyway, he says he notices that the www lefties either have been or about to be thrown under the Obama campaign bus which may actually be a 747 but we digress. Cletus says the only thing more nutty than some of the right wingnuts are the left wingnuts.

Cletus said that he sticking to being a middle of the road wingnut to which Elroy added: "those are the one who usually get hit by the buses".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Cletus is a bit upset. A big old tree limb fell on the F250. That's not the bad part. He didn't get a drop of rain to fgo with the wind that blew the limb down.

Elroy pointed out that at least Cletus still had his firewood equipment so he could reap some benefit from the calamity.

That didn't seem to assuage Cletus' doldrums.

You may note that we have been reading old Readers' Digest vocabulary sections. One must continue to learn if one is to prosper.

Bubba says to tell y'all that Mizz Bubba is doing well. You may remember she had cancer a couple of years ago but seems to have beat it.

Bubba is looking foraward to December when he will be Social Security eligible. He's thinking about giving up farming and living the life of luxury as a retired person.

Of course, he will get about enough SS to buy a tank of gasoline so it may not be that luxurious.

Monday, June 23, 2008
Another exciting weekend at the old BBQ Emporium has now done come and gone. Cletus says that last sentence violates a number of grammar rules but to heck with Cletus and rules. We have never been concerned about grammar in the past so why start now.

Of course "exciting" is relative and there were plenty of those around. Cletus was able to play "Car Talk" guy when one of the many Jones cousins called for a diagnosis of car problems. Every time that happens, Cletus gets upset that he didn't think of the Car Talk gig before those guys up in Boston. He insists that he is just as nutty. Hard to disagree with that!

Cletus was intrigued by the Obama campaign seal issue but not for the reasons in other blogs. He is more interested in the possum part. Elroy says he is sure it just an accidental ordering of the letters but Cletus insists that it is an omen.

Of what, he is not sure.