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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Cletus is taking off for the 4th just when we were getting back into this blogging thing. He says he is going to visit some of the country up above the grits line for a personal view of life there and to see if he can understand them a little better. Elroy says Cletus should have visited in January if he wanted to get a feel for life there. He says he has heard that , up North, little, black, biting bugs swarm like blackbirds and can eat a man alive if he isn't quick enough getting inside. Of course Elroy thinks everything north of the Tennessee line is " up North" and only knows about Northern things what he reads in National Geographic" so we tend to discount a lot of what he says as he often fails to arrange all the details appropriately.

Cletus says he is thinking about heading out West since he has never been past the Mississippi and would like to see where Roy and Gene rode the range. Bubba says he thinks Roy and Gene road on a sound stage in Hollywood not the range but Cletus refuses to believe him. Personally, I'm with Cletus. A man has to hang on to some core beliefs and if you can't believe in Roy and Gene, what's left.

Bubba says he read that Robert Mitchem's son Jim is thinking about a remake of "Thunder Road". After the appropriate moment of silence, there was general agreement that it was not a good idea. It would be hard to cheer for a guy hauling Meth or Mariuana through the hills even if he did have a hot Ford.

Elroy says he is thinking about getting himself one of those hybrid cars since gas is so expensive. Cletus said he would build a second electric car for Elroy as soon as he finishes his own. Elroy just left for the Toyota dealership having made up his mind real quick for some reason.

Cletus says he is working real hard to sing on the high end of the "D" scale. Don't ask me why. He just left that one hanging.

Bubba said that he thought we have pretty well captured the spirit of classic "Compleat Redneck" in just this one post, but Cletus said that there was someting missing that he could not quite get to the forefront of his memory thus he thought we needed to continue until such time as he, or one of the other old hands, was able to remember what we missed when from the back of the BBQ Emporium a plaintive cry was heard: "it's the stupid run-on sentences, you Dummies".

I believe she was correct but that is now fixed.