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Friday, July 18, 2008
Cletus is back from his national fact finding journey and says mostly what he found was hot weather and a bunch of nice folks. He was expecting to find cool weather up North and a huge number of svelte folk, but found neither except cool weather on the Oregon coast. Elroy asked him how he came to be on the Oregon coast and Cletus said he thinks it was a wrong turn in Denver, a town he arrived in by taking the wrong exit in St. Louis. He figured that he could find himself by driving until he saw something he recognized and the first thing he came to was the sign that said "Denver 200" and by then it seemed a shame not to see the mile high city and then the next thing he knew, he was looking at the Ocean. Missed Pike's Peak entirely.

Bubba asked why he didn't just buy a map or ask directions. Cletus said that he was pumping his own gas until he hit Oregon and never went inside the station and since he has been boycotting Walmart, he was unable to find an Atlas.

Elroy thinks Cletus is mocking us but having known him mostly forever, I'm not sure.