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Monday, January 12, 2009
Cletus was reading blogs and checked in on Compleat Redneck to find that two people still visit occasionally. Since that is two more than we expected, we feel a moral obligation to write something for these august pages. Elroy says he has always wondered what "august" means in the context of the previous sentence. Bubba says its seems to him that if Elroy knows what "context" means, he has been hiding the fact that he was listening during Mr. Week's English class back at the old high school.

Cletus says he hadn't realized until the past couple of months just how well managed his retirement plan was. He hasn't lost a penny. Elroy asked what he has for a retirement plan that hasn't lost anything. Well, it seems that Cletus' retirement planning consists of driving to Tennessee every few weeks and buying lottery tickets (and bumming food and drink from his family and friends) but the numbers have rolled in his favor and since September he has won exactly enough to cover his gas and the cost of the tickets. His plan does seem to be doing better than most.

Cletus says he really wishes he had not shut down his woodcutting business as he would now be very well positioned for a bailout. Bubba said Cletus was certainly big enough to qualify as "too big to fail" but that he didn't think personal size was the criteria being used for bailout candidates.

Cletues asked: "There are criteria?"

He does have a point.