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Friday, July 24, 2009
Cletus was looking for a filler medical care program to tide him over until Medicare kicks in and is highly upset that Senator Reid is delaying a Seante vote until August. Cletus says the woodcutting business never had medical coverage and at the ripe old age of 64, he is feeling poorly at best.

Could be the huge lunch he ate or the ten cups of coffee he has had so far all the while complaining that coffee keeps him awake.

Elroy doesn't think that there was ever a chance of anything passing before Cletus turns 65 in August so he has lost nothing.

Bubba says he figures Cletus is one of those people with a destructive life style who will be on the long list for medical care regardless.

Monday, July 20, 2009
Cletus says he has been thinking hard about how the intellectual powerhouses of the Ivy League do not receive their due in the hinterlands. Everyone knows that the Eastern schools are far above all other schools (How else would they be able to charge those tuitions?) and it just shows how ignorant flyover country is to even consider someone not educated there as appropriate material for national office.

Pointing to the fact that little other than wondrous economic and political ideas are ever produced by such people is sour grapes and will not be tolerated. The mere fact that our esteemed leaders were able to get themselves admitted as undergraduates should entitle them to a term or two in the Congress.

Elroy asked how they compared in intelligence to his daughter who has an IQ of 160 and works as a Nurse. Cletus says that the fact that she is a Nurse is the answer. What good is she doing for her neighbors and country and that even asking such a question shows that Elroy can't be taken seriously and besides all true intellectuals know that intelligence can not be measured by any test.

Cletus says he has a theory that just crossing inside the I495 Beltway adds 30 IQ points unless you are only visiting.

Elroy said he would have really hated to meet up with some of our politician before they got there as they had to have been serious droolers.