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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Cletus is mighty upset. The best he can figure, he has been called a racist by a bunch of our National level Democrats. He says it is about as bad being called a racist as it was being called some kind of "lover" a few years back because he took a young balck kid hunting and fishing.

Elroy's opinion is that you just can't please some people.

Cletus hasn't been out to any protests but he has a few questions about the health care bill and from what he can see, not acceoting what his betters at face value is "racist" according to some folks.

Oh, well. He has been called worse.

Bubba says he thinks I should call up that feller "Guy" from the food network and invite him by the old Emporium. Says this is much more of a "dive" than anything they have had on so far.

Bubba retires, on the 28th, from his job as a highly skilled equipment operator. Ms. Bubba says she is looking for work as the Bubba estate doesn't have room for them both. Bubba says he is going to paint his house and fish in retirement. Cletus asked what he was doing in October.

Bubba didn't see the humor.