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Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Testing.  Anyone out there?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Cletus has been over reading the Possumman and says we need to let people know we are still around.  Bubba is retired and enjoying his great-grandkids.  Cletus is pretty much the same and Elroy is off in his RV.  Cletus says he suspects Elroy is parked somewhere what with the price of gas.

Monday, November 02, 2009
Cletus is beside himself to discover that Junebugg is still stopping by. He says that almost encourages him to jump in and start posting again or not.

Things are pretty quiet around here these days. Bubba retired and is fishing and painting his house (shouldn't more than a decade or so).

Cletus has been out cutting trees that were blown over in a storm we had a few weeks back. He says he should have gotten into that business years ago as it pays well and doesn't happen everyday. The fire wood business was pretty constant and not all the good in the pay department.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Cletus says he heard the great Chicago Cubs player Ernie Banks on NPR this morning. Mr. Banks said he had wanted to win the Nobel Peace Prize since was 15.

He is 79 and does not feel as if he has done anything important altough Cletus is sure that Cubs fans would disagree.

Cletus says Mr. Banks appears to be laboring under a misconception about the NPP.

Monday, August 31, 2009
Cletus says the death and funeral of Edward Kennedy set him to thinking about the whole concept of politician worship. No other word seems to fit how a goodly number of people view some politicians. It seems to be more of a political left phenomena but certainly arises on the right as seen by the large number of our fellow Alabamans who believe that Roy Moore is the Second Coming or at least, a major portent thereof.

The Kennedy worship is especially disturbing in that so many otherwise intelligent people overlook behavior ( not Ted's only)that should disqualify anyone from Sainthood or the Crown,

Elroy told Cletus that he should quit trying to understand his betters and just accept the cake crumbs from their table.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Cletus is mighty upset. The best he can figure, he has been called a racist by a bunch of our National level Democrats. He says it is about as bad being called a racist as it was being called some kind of "lover" a few years back because he took a young balck kid hunting and fishing.

Elroy's opinion is that you just can't please some people.

Cletus hasn't been out to any protests but he has a few questions about the health care bill and from what he can see, not acceoting what his betters at face value is "racist" according to some folks.

Oh, well. He has been called worse.

Bubba says he thinks I should call up that feller "Guy" from the food network and invite him by the old Emporium. Says this is much more of a "dive" than anything they have had on so far.

Bubba retires, on the 28th, from his job as a highly skilled equipment operator. Ms. Bubba says she is looking for work as the Bubba estate doesn't have room for them both. Bubba says he is going to paint his house and fish in retirement. Cletus asked what he was doing in October.

Bubba didn't see the humor.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Cletus says he was considering going out and disrupting one of Rep. Griffith's townhalls but he can't find either his Brooks Brothers or Hart,H&S suit and just would feel right wearing his shorts and sandals. We all agreed that it wouldn't be right to subject innocent people to such a sight.

Elroy says he thinks the information Cletus got about the dess code for disrupting meetings may be a little off since most of the rioters seem to be dressed pretty much normally for people around here in the Summer.

I don't know about this whole Obamacare issue. My gut tells me that it won't be pretty at the same time I know something needs to be done. The old BBQ Emporium has medical insurance for our staff (If you call five people a staff) and it runs over $1000 a month for each. It goes up every years and I don't know if we can keep it.

Cletus says he is fortunate to be within a few months of Medicare so his biggest concern is "help" with his life style. Bubba wondered aloud if how Cletus lives could be referred to as any knid of "style" but we all have the same worries. No one here could be classified as "rich" and we will be depending on Medicare as we (hopefully) grow old. Reading comments from Dr. Emanuel, Obama's medical advisor, doesn't give anyone of us a warm, fuzzy feeling about the future.

Cletus says he figures from the comments he has been reading about Southern white guys being deranged and insane, they won't be real high on the "useful" list when it comes to treatment.

Elroy thinks Cletus is deliberately taking the most pessimistic view of the bills and reading the worse in every line. Cletus says that being a pessimist has never done him wrong. Things are almost never as bad as he expected.